International Bradley Associates ref code 8523009036BA-Timeshare fraud more prominent in challenging economy

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Katina Pendleton is angry and she has a right to be – she recently lost thousands of dollars in a timeshare resale scam.

Pendleton fell victim to a fraudulent company promising big results if they sold her a timeshare. She agreed to the transaction over the phone and, soon after, got another call from a representative about an interested buyer.

“She said I have a buyer for your timeshare,” Pendleton said. “She`s sitting right here… blah, blah, would you like to talk to her?”

Pendleton was eager to sell her timeshare and thrilled at the offer. However, the person posing as a sales agent then asked her for money.

“‘In order to get this transaction to go through we would like you to wire me $1,000 dollars,’” Pendleton recalled the agent saying.

Pendleton did as the agent asked and wired the money for what she was told were the “closing costs.”

“They sent me a fake contract,” Pendleton said. “Never heard from them again.”

However, such scams are not uncommon. Postal inspectors say this particular scam is on the rise in a challenging economy.

“The timeshare resale scam is a fraud perpetrated on a lot of elderly people looking to sell and get rid of their timeshares,” said U.S. Postal Inspector Kathryn Scarles.

Pendleton is not the only victim – thousands of people have lost money.

“It`s really hard when you see someone lose their life savings,” Scarles said. “These scams are so convincing and they are so realistic sounding and sound legitimate that a lot of smart people get duped.”

Pendleton echoed thoughts similar to those of Scarles.

“We’ve been brought up to be really honest and good people,” Pendleton said. “There is something missing in them they have no conscience, they don`t care. They are after the money, the money is the main thing.”

Despite her losses, Pendleton believes in karma – what goes around, comes around.

“It`s awful,” she said. “Just awful and I do believe what goes around comes around and they are going to get it and it`s going to come back to haunt them.”

Eventually, Pendleton sold her timeshare. But the best advice when it comes to these situations? Do your homework before you send the money.

Bradley Associates financial solutions blog – What About Good Debt Advice?


For years there has been also sorts of chit-chat and discussion about how financial literacy will magical cure the woes and troubles of consumers and prevent them from getting into financial trouble. That’s just simply wrong.

While financial education course may create more awareness on how to evaluate some financial products, that training is no good if it’s not applied. And not everyone is going to be a good financial manager no matter how much training you give them.

It’s not like we have an obesity problem in America because people don’t know about eating well, portion control, and expertise. And it’s not going to be tremendously different in the financial world if we trained everyone about interest rates, contract clauses, and fees.

Even recent work by the Consumer Financial Protection bureau is trying to work hard to dumb-down financial transactions so we can make some sense about getting a mortgage, credit card, or taking out a student loan.

But as one author noticed recently:

When consumers make poor financial decisions, they often do so because they lack information and understanding of product features. Financial literacy and sophistication is shockingly low: About one-third of the U.S. population understands the concepts of compound interest or how credit-card debt works. Such financial illiteracy is correlated with high levels of debt and high fees for financial services, and is greater among people with low incomes and low education, as well as minorities and the elderly.

I’ve never seen a study that shows the average debt literacy rate among the population. Debt literacy would be the skills, knowledge and experience to properly handle a debt emergency. While a third of the population might be considered to be grossly financially illiterate, I would estimate that close to 99 percent of debtors would be debt illiterate.

Studying the issues surrounding debt is just not something people do in advance. instead, rather than become experts on how to get out of debt when they land in trouble they often believe or turn to the first person that gives them a magical solution they want to hear about.

The idea that paying for exceptional advice and an independent opinion from a debt coach is a smart thing to do seems foreign to people in trouble. Yet that professional and experienced advice is just what the doctor would order for a higher chance of a better result.

Debt relief companies are not in the advice business. They are in the widget selling business. Rather than independently evaluate your situation and provide fair, independent or balanced recommendations they most want to sell your their services and the “consultation” is really not more than a closing sales pitch.

And am I wrong about this. Well, let’s consider some recent ads from some debt relief companies.Or do you think their most important goal is to close the sale and fill their quota?

While the fields are full of closers and sellers for debt relief services, they are surprisingly absent of good independent debt coaches like Damon Day. Someone who can evaluate the situation of someone and guide them in the most logical direction based on their circumstances, needs and goals.

The difference is that talking to a debt coach costs money. You are paying for professional advice. But how much will a free sales pitch cost in time, money and lost time as you head down the wrong path to achieve the wrong goal, using the wrong tool?

A good debt coach is like a financial planner that charges you professional fees for advice instead of primarily making money on sales commissions of financial products. Wouldn’t you rather work for someone that was working for you rather than just trying to close the sale?

So if you are facing debt problems, I can’t stress enough how important it is to seek and get good independent debt advice before you leap for a magical solution sold to you by a closer desperate to tell you the story you want to hear to meet their quota.

International News Bradley Associates Blog: Asian Markets Hit by US – Blog.fc2

Asian markets took a hit on Thursday after losses on Wall Street, while dealers were also put off by a warning from Germany’s central bank that Europe’s debt crisis could continue for a decade.

Gold slipped slightly as traders remained bearish on the precious metal, which suffered its heaviest loss in 30 years on Monday after disappointing Chinese economic growth data.

Tokyo fell 1.22 percent, or 162.82 points, to 13,220.07, Seoul shed 1.24 percent, or 23.78 points, to 1,900.06 and Sydney slipped 1.60 percent, or 80.2 points, to 4,924.4.

In the afternoon Hong Kong lost 0.16 percent but Shanghai was 0.10 percent higher.

US markets suffered their second big fall in three days on Wednesday, pulled down by a dive in Apple shares.

Apple fell 5.5 percent to below $400 for the first time since late 2011 after one of its US suppliers slashed its profit guidance, which analysts said indicated slow iPhone and iPad sales.

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Bradley knytter Madrid nyheter på oss Dollar mister etter dårlig Info

Bradley knytter Madrid nyheter på oss Dollar mister etter dårlig Info

Bradley knytter Madrid nyheter på oss Dollar mister etter dårlig Info; euro likevel utsatt.

Bradley Associates har utviklet et omfattende nettverk av faglige ressurser. Vi velge blant en rekke nøye utvalgte ledere til strukturen porteføljer som oppfyller behovene til våre kunder. Vi hjelper våre kunder være konkurransedyktig på stadig skiftende markedene i den moderne verden.

Greenback skled på torsdag siden dårlig amerikanske finansielle informasjon bekreftet forventning, Federal Reserve kunne holde finanspolitikk ultra-løs i tid, opprettholde rente for at dollar minimal i motsetning til høy fortjeneste av utenlandsk valuta.

Fed kan generelt forventes for å unngå økende priser dette inneværende år, og når monetære informasjon er stadig på la ned det kanskje force unna matet trinnene til effektivt innen 2012, eller muligens senere på.

“The Fed ikke kan øke prisene i en svært forsinket økonomisk miljø,” hevdet Douglas Northwick, administrerende direktør for handel i Stamford, Connecticut.

“Gitt det amerikanske finansdepartementet sier valutaer skulle avsløre finansiell grunnleggende, vi ser svak (dollar) går fremover.”

Informasjonen viser nedgangen i produksjonen økning i amerikanske midtatlantiske området med en uforutsett slipp på nåværende bolig salg i April brakt på dollar tilbyr, i tillegg til å sette inn øker indikasjoner på at amerikanske monetære fører har vært knapt positive.

Mange over hele verden sentralbanker satt på ruten for finansielle krymper, produserer sine egne ressurser mer attraktive og øke deres egen valgte valuta. Den europeiske sentralbanken nylig økte prisene første gang siden juli 2008.

Rente differensialer få sikkert foretrukket euro, ved hjelp av single-valuta opp 7% year-to-date motsetning til dollar.

Euroen steg litt tid høy av $1.4326 på trading plattform EBS. På slutten av dagtid New York behandling, euro en rekke fortjeneste men hadde vært opp 0,4% på $1.4304.

Virkelig usikre økonomiske gjeld restrukturering problemet i Hellas, likevel, burde å redusere denne dollar kutt i motsetning til euro, selv om single-valuta fortsetter å opprettholde over 55-dagers skiftende gjennomsnittlig dag nær $1.4295.

Jane Caron, viktigste økonomiske strateg hos Dwight kapitalforvaltning selskap i Burlington, Vermont, uttalte på tross av sårbare finansiell informasjon, i juni dommer på Feds andre sett med kvantitative lettelser, kjent som QE2, kan være ansatt i preferanse på dollar.

En obligasjon-kjøp plan introdusert i November kreves kjøper $600 milliarder i Treasury verdipapirer.

Denne svakt punkt var vitne i hele markedet er et resultat av overraskelser utløst tidligere rundt gjennom jordskjelvet og bedre kraftkostnader, forklarte hun. Alle antatt økonomiske fremgangen til reaccelerate i den andre halvdelen av året. Selv om vi vil sannsynligvis være ivrige etter å henge om før 2012 å øke prisene.

En god styrke økonomiske klima og også slutten av QE2 må du til slutt tvinge Treasury resultater i større kostnad pent for at greenback, damen hevdet.

Kapitalforvaltning selskap tilbyr $55 milliarder i ressurser i administrasjonen.

Bare 10% av økonomer som finansmedarbeidere avhørt studien som spådd Federal Reserve til å produsere en ekstra scenen for kvantitative lettelser bør de eksisterende endene i juni.

Euro tilbyr redusert på gjeldende dager fulgte flyt over 17-måneders høy nær $1.4940 i begynnelsen av mai på påvente av mye mindre intens ECB samt problemer angående økonomiske gjelden innen perifere eurolandene.

Investorer uttalt viktigste sentralbanker tilfeldigvis være på den samme tiden kjøper euro på dips sammen med selger dette på alle slags små trekk, anbefale den eneste valutaen i euro-området kan bytte i bare et begrenset utvalg før sammen med International Monetary Fund ferdig en fullstendig vurdering av Hellass finansiell gjeld.

Denne evalueringen kommer mellom slutten av mai eller begynnelsen av juni, og kan avsløre hvorvidt Hellas kan omstrukturere sine enorme finansielle forpliktelser.

Restrukturering av gjeld kan betraktes ødeleggende for som euro siden det kan indusere en flytur fra euro området obligasjoner samt skade EUs pålitelighet følgende som hadde gått all-out for å hjelpe Hellas.

Ice Futures’ dollar index har vært under 0,5% på 75.124.DXY. Denne dollaren har vært under 0,2% i motsetning til yen på 81.58 etter å nå en tre ukers bedre på 82.179. Torsdagens dårlig USA informasjon fikk en direkte effekt om denne valutaen handelen.

Bradley Associates diversifisert strategiene er utformet for å målrette attraktiv risikojustert avkastning og lavere volatilitet enn mest tradisjonelle aktivaklasser. Disse strategiene mål skal oppnås gjennom en svært diversifisert kombinasjon av tildelinger til hekk fondet ledere og tilpasset kjøretøyene. Bradley Associates nyskapende tilnærming til portefølje konstruksjon gir også mulighet for forbedret fleksibilitet i aktivaallokering over sub strategier.